The Netherlands

AEX Exchanges publishes four indexes: The Amsterdam Exchanges Index AEX, the Eurotop 100 Index, the Amsterdam MidKap Index, and the Dutch Top 5 Index. The AEX Index is generally viewed as the representative index for the price dynamics of the Dutch stock market, and in this property it serves as an underlying for options and futures trading.

Since January 1, 1994, the AEX Index is constructed as a capitalization-weighted arithmetic average. The index sample is adjusted annually in February on the basis of the outstanding shares during the previous three full calendar years. The weights of the individual stocks are revised to take account of stock dividends, bonus payments, or rights issues. In the case of rights issues, the adjustment is based on the hypothetical value of the right. The AEX Index is, however, left unadjusted if the effect of any of the before mentioned transactions is less than 0.1 index points.

Amsterdam Exchanges Index: AEX Exchanges. Text: Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 1998. All rights reserved. 

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