The Budapest Stock Index

The Budapest Stock Index (BUX) replaces the unofficial Budapest Stock Exchange Index, which was used during the initial phases of economic transition. Currently, the BUX contains 20 stocks. To qualify for the index, a stock has to comply with three out of five requirements, including a certain minimum face value of a stock, a defined minimum price, a minimum number of transactions, and a cumulated minimum turnover of 10% of the registered capital during the six months preceding the revision of the index.

If more than 25 stocks meet at least three out of these five requirements at the time of the semi-annual updating of the index sample (on March 31 and September 30), the index stocks are selected according to their so-called global rank, which is derived from a weighted average across the five criteria.

Budapest Stock Index, BUX (Budapest Ertéktószde Részvényindexe), Budapesti Értéktözsde (Budapest Stock Exchange). Text: Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 1998. All rights reserved.

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