Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index
At the beginning of 1998, Deutsche Börse Gruppe, Dow Jones, SBF-Bourse de Paris and Schweizer Börse-SWX established Stoxx Ltd. Stoxx Ltd. introduced a new family of indexes to offer an instrument for measuring stock market performance on a Europe- and Euro wide basis, and to provide a liquid base for derivative products. The Dow Jones Stoxx index family consists of 4 principal indexes and 19 sector indexes calculated for western Europe and the countries participating in the Euro zone. 
  • Dow Jones Stoxx (European broad index)
  • Dow Jones Stoxx 50 (European blue-chip index, (a 50-stock index derived from Dow Jones Stoxx)
  • Dow Jones Euro Stoxx (Euro broad index 2, Dow Jones Stoxx excluding those countries not in the EMU)
  • Dow Jones Euro Stoxx (50 Euro blue-chip index, a 50-stock index derived from Dow Jones Euro Stoxx)
  • 19 sector indexes (derived from Dow Jones Stoxx and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx)
The Dow Jones Stoxx and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx indexes and the respective sector indexes provide a benchmark for stock market performance, while the European and the EURO blue-chip indexes are designed for derivative products. A historical perspective is available dating back to 1991. The indexes are capitalization weighted and are computed on both a price- and total-return basis. All price return indexes (in ECU initially and in EURO from 1999) are calculated in real-time and are disseminated every 15 seconds by the Swiss Stock Exchange in Zurich. 

The representation of the largest and most liquid stocks in the market, and the economic sector breakdown of the market are the selection principle for constituent shares in the Dow Jones Stoxx indexes. 

The index aims at presenting 80% of each industry group in each market, and consequently 80% of the investable securities of each market. The European and Euro sector indexes are comprised of the same components as the respective broad indexes. Dow Jones Stoxx 50 is a subgroup of 50 companies of the European broad index with the aim to mirror the sector leaders. Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 is a subgroup of 50 companies of Dow Euro Stoxx with the same goal. The number of securities is reviewed quarterly, and the number is applied as of March, June, September and December. The weight of any stock in a single index is limited to 10% of the index. Therefore, the weights of shares can differ from index to index

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50: Deutsche Börse Gruppe, Dow Jones, SBF - Bourse de Paris and Schweizer Börse SWX. Text: Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 1998. All rights reserved.

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