1. Installation

1.1 Installation for SGI Unix systems.

In the Blender download section you can
get the latest Blender version (

  • Uncompress

    Move to the directory in which the blender installation
    directory should be created. Now type:

    tar xvf

    Now a directory ./ has been created.
    It contains the executable and the primary files to start with.

  • Add an environment variable:

    To be able to find it's data files, Blender needs a
    environment variable that will point to it's installation directory.

    setenv BLENDERDIR name_of_directory (for csh shell)
    export BLENDERDIR=name_of_directory (for sh shell)

    You may want to enter this into your .cshrc or .login (or .profile) file, so it is automatically set when you login. The executable itself can be copied to any location.

  • Copy default files

    Copy the files .B.blend and .B.fs to your home directory. Files that start with ".B" are Blender setup files. Copy these files only the first time. Later on you'll learn to alter these for a more personal Blender configuration.

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