18.1.1 File Operations

locking (fd, mode, nbytes)
Lock part of a file based on a file descriptor from the C runtime. Raises IOError on failure.

setmode (fd, flags)
Set the line-end translation mode for the file descriptor fd. To set it to text mode, flags should be os.O_TEXT; for binary, it should be os.O_BINARY.

open_osfhandle (handle, flags)
Create a C runtime file descriptor from the file handle handle. The flags parameter should be a bit-wise OR of os.O_APPEND, os.O_RDONLY, and os.O_TEXT. The returned file descriptor may be used as a parameter to os.fdopen() to create a file object.

get_osfhandle (fd)
Return the file handle for the file descriptor fd. Raises IOError if fd is not recognized.

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