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Published 25 August 2020
Release 1.3


The Swarm home page ( provides a good introduction to Swarm (what it does and what it aims to be). On the other hand, the The Overview to Swarm aims to give you a more detailed overview of the sorts of things a user needs to do in order to get a simulation up and running in Swarm. The combination of these two documents should help you decide whether Swarm would be a useful tool in the context of your research.

Please direct all questions, bug reports, or suggestions for changes to the Swarm developers .

Revision History (set)
Table of Contents
Book I Brief Overview of Swarm
1. Mag 1x: Experimental Procedure in a Computer
2. Mag 2x: Basis of Swarm Computation
3. Mag 3x: Swarm Structures
4. Mag 4x:Sketch of Code
5. Conclusion
Book II Getting Started with Swarm
Installing Swarm
Overview of the Swarm Distribution
Book III Reference Guide for Swarm 1.3
Swarm Changes and Compatibility
1. Defobj Library
2. Collections Library
3. Activity Library
4. Objectbase Library
5. Random Library
6. Simtools Library
7. Simtoolsgui Library
8. Gui Library
9. Analysis Library
10. Space Library
A. GridTurtle Test Programs
B. Probing and Displaying the Contents of a SwarmObject
C. Objective C and Swarm
D. Library Interface Conventions
E. GNU Library General Public Licence
F. GNU General Public Licence
Protocol Index
Method Index
Function Index
Global Index
Macro Index
Typedef Index

  Brief Overview of Swarm