Austrian Traded Index
ATX 50

Pursuing the intention to offer a benchmark for investment funds, in November 1995 the Austrian Futures and Options Exchange ÍTOB introduced the ATX 50. The index is sampled in such a way as to represent the portfolio of investible Austrian stocks.

The index sample comprises all 22 ATX stocks plus another 28 stocks from a consecutive ranking by attractiveness. Altogether the index constituents represent 84% of the total capitalization of the official market segment and 97% of total stock market turnover.

Like the other members of the ATX index family, the index has been constructed as capitalization-weighted value ratios with daily chaining. A free float factor reduces the index relevant market capitalization of individual stocks by 50% if the free float of the particular stocks is less than 25% of total outstanding capital.

Austrian Traded Index, ATX 50: Vienna Stock Exchange. Text: Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 1998. All rights reserved.

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