Helsinki Stock Exchange 20 Share Prices Index 

The Finnish index family is made up by19 indexes. For each of the following groups both price and total return indexes are computed:

All-share index 
Top 20 share index (HEX-20) 
Services index

  • Banks and finance index
  • Insurance and investment index
  • Other services index

Industry index

  • Metal and engineering index
  • Forest industries index
  • Multi-business industry index
  • Other industries index

Furthermore, a series of price indexes for individual stocks is calculated as the ratio of the adjusted share prices of two successive trading days. The indexes are chained by multiplying the ratio with the share-specific index value of the previous trading day.

The blue chip index HEX-20 contains the 20 stocks with the highest turnover over the 12-month-period preceding the selection process. This sample of index stocks is biannually revised in January and July. For the business sector indexes a company is defined to belong to a specific sector if its net sales are attributable to the respective sector. A company is regarded as a multi-business company if it has two or more lines of business which represent at least 25% of the total net sales of the company.

The indexes are adjusted whenever one of the following events occurs: 

· issues of stock 
· stock splits 
· issue of bonds with subscription coupons 
· issue of equity warrants or convertible bonds 
· decreases and increases in the number of shares 
For the adjustment with respect to dividend payments the value of the dividend of each share is added to the price of the share on the ex dividend day. From the following day onwards the market price is used. 


Helsinki Stock Exchange 20 Share Prices Index, Helsinki Stock Exchange 20 Yield Index, HEX Ltd., Helsinki Stock and Derivatives Exchange, Clearing House (HEX, Helsingin Pörssi). Text: Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 1998. All rights reserved.

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