Irish Stock Exchange Equity Overall Index

Irish Stock Exchange produces a family of official equity indexes, ISEQ, which are calculated once a minute during the trading day. Comprising the ISEQ Overall index and two sub-indexes, viz.

the ISEQ General (73 constituents)
the ISEQ Financial (3 constituents),

the series of price indexes is supplemented by the ISEQ Total Return indexes (shortly: ISEQ Return), which are calculated at the end of the trading day. The sample of index stocks consists of all stocks listed in the official market segment ("Official List") and in the unlisted securities market ("USM").

Since the indexes draw upon the value index formula, on the same day as new shares are issued the base capitalization is updated to offset the impact of that transaction on the index value. The ISEQ Total Return indexes were constructed under the hypothesis that gross dividends are reinvested in each component of the index according to its market capitalization.

Irish Stock Exchange Equity Overall Index: The Irish Stock Exchange. Text: Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 1998. All rights reserved.

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